The line, approximately 14km, included the removal of the redundant OPGW cable. Installation and supply of a new OPGW system and cable. Metal-free, unarmoured, duct cable installation from the terminal gantries to the Control Rooms at both ends.

SCOPE OF WORK Remove existing redundant OPGW, install free issue OPGW, supply and install hardware for OPGW on the Hermes – Mercury 400kV Line

The Scope of Work covers the following:

  1. The supply and install an OPGW system, including installing OPGW cable; supply and install matched hardware.
  2. Remove and replace the existing OPGW with a new 24 core OPGW cable.
  3. The line length is approximately 14km, gantry to gantry.
  4. Metal-free, un armoured, duct cable must be installed from the terminal gantries to the control Rooms at both ends.
  5. In each control Room 2 patch panels must be installed, each in the cabinet to be provided by the employer.
  6. At Hermes, the cables must terminate in the main substation control building NOT the feeder protection building.