The Eros – Vuyani  400kV line runs in the South Westerly direction almost parallel to the coastline from Eros Substation which is close to Harding, towards the Mthatha area where the new Substation will be built.

This project provided a lot of challenges because of inaccessibility due to the mountainous areas.  It is also described by many as one of the most difficult lines to ever be built in South Africa. To carry out work of this magnitude in these difficult areas requires alternative construction methods, such as aerial construction by helicopter.  A lot of the tower structures also have to be erected by hand.  On this line you will also find some of the longest spans between towers structures which range up to 1.5 km due to the mountainous conditions.

Construction of a +/-80km’s long, 400kV line, from Tower 211 to Vuyani Substation (Harding towards Mthatha)

The proposed contract(s) include but are not limited to the following:-

  • Creating and maintaining access for construction purposes.
  • Bush clearing for access and construction purposes.
  • Survey and pegging towers.
  • Design and installation of concrete tower foundations in various soil/rock conditions.
  • Manufacture, supply and erection of galvanised steel lattice, transmission line tower to carry greased Triple Tern conductor with 1 earth wire and an OPGW.
  • Stringing/regulation with Triple Tern ACSR phase conductor from tower 211 to Vuyani Substation.
  • Installation of Triple Tern or “Bull” slack-spans at Vuyani Substation.
  • Stringing/regulation with a single “19/2.7” earth conductors.
  • Supply and stringing/regulation including splicing with a single “48 CORE” OPGW.  This includes supply of all associated hardware.
  • Supply and install fibre optic duct cable from substation gantry too the control room patch panel.
  • Supply and installation of fall arrest system.
  • Installation of line labels, bird-guards, bird-diverters and aircraft warning devices.
  • Rehabilitation of groundwork damage and implementation of environmental management plan.