The Construction of a 400kV Line over a Distance of 11.5k, from Ingula Power Station to Turn-in Point (Intersection of Majuba Venus 400kV Line).
  1. Bush clearing for access and construction purposes.
  2. Survey and pegging of towers.
  3. Designed and installed concrete tower foundations in various soil/rock conditions.
  4. Manufacture, supply and erection of galvanised steel lattice, transmission line towers to carry Quad “Zebra” conductor.
  5. Stringing/regulation with quad “Zebra” ACSR phase conductor, together with slack span connections to the new Ingula Substation.
  6. Installed Quad “Zebra” slack-spans at Ingula Substation.
  7. Linked the existing Majuba Venus to the new Ingula line
  8. Dismantled structures.
  9. Stringing/regulation with a single “19/2.7” earth conductors
  10. Installed line labels, bird-guards, bird-diverters and aircraft warning devices.
  11. Rehabilitation of groundwork damage and implementation of environmental management plan.