In 2014, OptiPower Projects pledged for the first time to the Santa Shoebox Project. In 2017, we\’ve decided to do it again, and our employees did just that!

The Cape Town Branch had set up a team, led by Johan Brink (Coordinator for this Event), and 19 other dedicated and kind-hearted members of staff and stakeholders. Each person was given a name or in certain cases where they wished to donate to more than one child, they were given multiple names. These names were then to receive a shoebox, decorated in any creative way, and filled with a number of useful gifts to each child.

These pledged shoeboxes were then collected from each employee, and transported to the central drop-off location for the Santa Shoebox Project, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, where the boxes then joined hundreds of thousands of other gift boxes, waiting to be shipped off to their under-privileged child, making a difference in their lives.

At the time of delivery of all received boxes, we had proudly collected and delivered 32 Shoeboxes, filled with pure joy for each child.

We wish to thank the following persons for their input and pledging in this special event: Behind-the-Scenes:
  • Ashley Soobramoney (Initiator)
  • Johan Brink (Coordinator)
  • Anzelle Visser (Assistant Coordinator)
  • Andre Swart (CEO)
  • Jackie Swart (Company Secretary)
  • Willie van der Merwe
  • Toni Saich
  • Ladine Naidoo
  • Abigail Bock
  • Johan Holtzhausen
  • Daan Venter
  • Rochelle Wilcox
  • Ayiesha Solomon
  • Ziyanda Simani
  • Gareth Wright
  • Trevor Swart
  • Barend Smit
  • Neville Swart
  • Jeanette Swart (External)
  • Estelle Visser (External)
  • Morn√© Visser (External)