This article first appeared on Construction Review Online. Written By Linus Kemboi.

Construction works are progressing well at the Golden Valley Wind project, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. This is according to transmission and distribution service provider OptiPower.

The Golden valley project

The 120MW project is a BioTherm Energy development which comprises 48 2.5 MW Goldwind turbines, a substation and 6.7km of 132kV overhead lines. Current works on-site include the installation of turbines and electrical works.

According to OptiPower senior project manager Jaco Combrink, the company is responsible for the full electrical balance of the plant including the substation, overhead lines, termination points, all reticulation works from the turbines to the substation and also commissioning of the plant once ready. OptiPower was awarded the contract by Goldwind which is the engineering, procurement and construction contractor.


Combrink is by far impressed with the progress of the project so far spearheaded by OptiPower. OptiPower had already completed the installation of power lines and the substation ahead of schedule while it is also making good progress to catch up on the reticulation works which earlier on had experienced delays.

Moreover, OptiPower which began its scope of work in April this year is hopeful that the facility will be completed by the scheduled completion date of November 2020. Combrink lauded the construction team on site and paid tribute to OptiPower for its strong reputation and ability to take on new challenges.

Furthermore, Combrink noted that with the acquisition by M&R, OptiPower now has vast knowledge to leverage on in executing the project noting that the integration of the companies has gone well. However, the project is not short of challenges, which includes the rocky terrain, which differs from the normal soft rock. Due to this OptiPower has had to employ blasting measures, as well as a special technology with rock saws.