Sustainable Project Delivery

Sustainability thinking is integrated in the way we deliver our projects and conduct our business. It is central to our commitment to protect our reputation as a responsible and ethical organization.

We are aligned to the Murray & Roberts Sustainability Framework which commits us to:

  • Creating sustainable value for our clients, employees, business partners and suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.
  • Understanding and mitigating our operational risks and taking advantage of opportunities for differentiation
  • Trust is created by organizational behaviors valued by all our stakeholders and is based on confidence in both character and competence.


We recognize that safety is a managed outcome and we have set ourselves a goal of Zero Harm. OptiPower  is aligned to the Murray & Roberts Group HSE Framework which drives a consistent safety culture.  This framework focuses on high-impact interventions such as managing critical safety risks and the risk of change.

Sustainable Localisation

We work in environments with diverse cultures, needs and expectations and it is imperative that we develop clear community engagement plans to identify local needs and priorities to ensure that host communities share in the economic value created.

In addition to local employment, our socioeconomic programmes support local procurement and enterprise development, and community upliftment initiatives.  In South Africa, BBBEE is aimed and redressing historical imbalances.  The Murray & Roberts Group achieved a Level 1 BBBEE rating measured against the Construction Sector Code.  In line with the code, our procurement spend is directed at BBBEE-compliant vendors and targeted interventions are in place to identify and assist small businesses.