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Khayelitsha 66kV/11kV Substation

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On October 14, 2014, Posted by , In Projects, Substations 

Khayelitsha is a non-standard Substation with 1x 66kV Incoming Feeder, 2x 12.5MVA 66/11kV Transformers and 6 x 11kV Feeders.  The Substation was refurbished and upgraded to 2 x 66/11kV 20MVA Transformers and 2 x 66kV feeder bays. The 66kV Busbar 1A and 1B is 80mm aluminium tubular busbar with 2 x 66kV bus section Isolators. The new 11kV Switchgear is placed in a new 11 kV Switch room to line up with Eskom specifications with the new protection separated from the 11kV switch gear. The 110V battery room was upgraded to the Eskom specifications. An Oil dam was constructed.

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