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Mpilo 66kV/11kV Substation

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On October 14, 2014, Posted by , In Projects, Substations 

Mpilo is a non-standard Substation with 1x 66kV Incoming Feeder, 2x 12.5MVA 66/11kV Transformers and 12x 11kV Feeders.  The Substation was refurbished and upgraded to 2x 40MVA Transformers. The existing 66kV Indoor SF6 Switchgear was replaced with a 66kV outdoor arrangement with 66kV PASS circuit Breakers and 80mm aluminium tubular, Busbar 1A & 1B including a 66kV Bus-section bay. One of the existing transformers and a section of the 11kV switchgear were removed.  A new battery room was constructed and the building was modified to suit the new layout requirements.

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